Financial Service Statutory Reporting in Germany with SAP TRM / FAM

SAP Add-ons for your BaFin Reporting

Meeting reporting requirements of supervisory authorities in Germany as effectively as possible

COMPIRICUS offers various SAP add-ons for the creation of statutory reports as required by the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). These SAP add-ons help insurance companies create reports using the SAP ledger-based reporting module (FS-SR, Financial Services - Statutory Reporting):

SAP-based financial service statutory reporting in USA, Italy and Spain

COMPIRICUS is an SAP SE development partner for the insurance-related statutory reporting of investments outside of the German-speaking region.

COMPIRICUS offers a reporting system for investments, which includes the required forms or interfaces based on SAP SE's framework solution, FS-SR. It is used in country-specific, insurance-related statutory reporting.



As a result of this development cooperation, the following country solutions are currently in productive use: